What I do…

KG_Services StackKG_Services 01

running interviews and co-creation workshops with staff and customers to uncover their needs and spot relevant new service opportunities
• persona creation and customer journey mapping to make sense of the range of people who use your services and their end-to-end experiences across multiple touchpoints
• prototyping new propositions so you can experience it and decide what to offer, where to deliver it, how to communicate it, and the right business model to underpin it
• agile and iterative approaches that start quickly with a simple working service, then scale up as you and your team discover what people want

KG_Services 02

• managing digital services by constantly listening to users, learning from what they do, and evolving the service accordingly
• creating natural user experiences that link mobile and tablets, cloud-based services and new technologies such as near-field communication (NFC)
• applying platform know-how, like when to build for the mobile web, when to make a native app, and how to get the best of both

KG_Services 03

• programming events and nurturing networks that grow into internal and external communities of practice
• running training programmes to enable service design hands on experience and encourage teams to review their every day practices
• setting up and transforming in-house teams to turn service design into a strategic advantage for your organisation

KG_Services 04

• visualising in workshops leading ideation and being the scribe in  a meeting to develop ideas more quickly and effectively
• enabling stakeholder visualisation supporting stakeholders to sketch, make and visualise their ideas to enable greater collaboration
• teaching visualisation techniques training workshop to showcase different techniques for visualisation, open to everyone

KG_Services 05

• social media audience generation an agile way to start a dialogue and conversation with users for a potential new service, starting on social media, capturing audience input and gaining engagement before full product development
• specialist network development creating conversation, managing social network online events, prompting new innovations for products and services
• teaching social media skills training inhouse teams to use social media in both push and pull direction, inspiring new thinking, enabling dialogue and helping to make the most of users/staff input on products and service innovation
• social media handover after a research project is completed, creating a planned handover and suggestion of training/support needs for the team that will manage the social media channels on an ongoing basis

KG_Services 06

• Speaking about Service Design from a people-centred perspective on topics including large/small scale business environments, health, care systems, public services, future cities, the internet of things and big data
• Universities & Colleges I have been invited to be a guest speaker at:
Leeds University, Design Management MA course to share how design is applied in the fast moving world of technology and business today.
Central St. Martins, Service Design Summer School in London to share insights on applying Service Design in the larger scale business environment.
• Networking Group Events I was invited to speak at:
– Girl Geeks in Leeds on my experience of Service Design
– Bettakultcha, just for fun, on Service Design and why I am passionate about it

You can email me at:

I have 6 years lived experience in the field of dementia care innovation as a working family carer, you can find out more at www.wecaredesign.co.uk or on twitter @wecaredesign


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