My journey to Service Design:


Hello I’m Kathryn Grace… I am a consultant in Service Design, Innovation and Design Management, based in Leeds, UK. With over 20 years experience in the design profession I have experienced many contrasting challenges:
products to teach children and adults to write • campaign to change the constitution at a national UK charity • creating a nationwide family adviser service for local needs • designing fun and rich experiences for cinema goers • concepting service ecologies for the future of the high street and our future health and care needs.

My early skills of drawing are just as valuable now if not more so in enabling collaboration and innovation in teams. I love that magic moment when a team turns around and says ‘how did you do that?’ when I visualise a developing idea/need/concept. My experience has given me a breadth of knowledge, perspective and insight that is valuable in service innovation today – I can cut to the chase more quickly and get results. It’s a fun journey and I’m thrilled by the opportunity to be a consultant and put this experience into action.

People are at the centre of everything I do… I am continually inspired by the art of the possible and society’s need for innovation, especially today when technology and connectivity are becoming ever more accessible and mainstream. Innovation was once limited to our physical environment, but today with digital and mobile working we can start to work and think differently.

I have learned how design can be used at both small and large scale to enable good business and service delivery. What was needed twenty years ago is so different from the complex cross platform services and communications we have now… people are more involved and collaboration is of growing importance to get things right and make things work for everyone. I believe Service Design can really enable innovation
for us all (and that includes the CEO and Financial Director).

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You can see my skills and experience in more detail at LinkedIn

You can also find information on my Service Design & Innovation work for Dementia at
www.wecaredesign.co.uk and on twitter @wecaredesign


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